> Equine & Heavy Horse Prints

"A Good Day's Work" by Adeline Halvorson

22.5x15" Limited Edition

"At Ease" by Adeline Halvorson

18x13" Limited Edition

"Bits Of Knowledge" by Shannon Lawlor

18x24"  Ltd Giclee On Paper

"Cholo" by Shannon Lawlor

18x24"  Signed & Numbered

"Cliff Jumpers" by Norm Clasen


18x14" - 48x36" Signed & Numbered

$275.00 - $1,140.00
"Driving Force" by Adeline Halvorson

24x19" Limited Edition

"First Grass" by Shannon Lawlor

12x16"  Signed & Numbered

"Gentlemen's Club" by Adeline Halvorson

24.5x17"  Limited Edition

"Good As Gold" by Adeline Halvorson

22.5x14"  Limited Edition

"Heading Down" by Norm Clasen


24X16" - 45X30"  Signed & Numbered

$325.00 - $975.00
"Heaven Sent A Buckskin" by Shannon Lawlor

12x16"  Signed & Numbered

"Landaluce" by Christine Picavet


Limited Edition Print

Signed by Artist: Christine Picavet

Trainer:  D. Wayne Lukas

Jockey:  Xaffit Pincay

16" x 20"

"Legs" by Adeline Halvorson

5x14"  Limited Edition

"Long Herd" by Norm Clasen


14x35" - 28x70"  Signed & Numbered

$375.00 - $1,450.00
"Playful Mama" by Jim Rey


13x13.5"  Signed & Numbered

"Pride and Joy" by Adeline Halvorson

9x14"  Limited Edition

"Simple Pleasures" by Adeline Halvorson

19x10"  Limited Edition

"Snowy Morning" by Norm Clasen


12x18" - 30x45"  Signed & Numbered

$200.00 - $1,650.00
"Stormy Afternoon" by CL (Claire)Goldrick

16x22" Signed & Numbered

"Summertime" by Adeline Halvorson

32x9"  Limited Edition

"The Best Of The Remuda" by Shannon Lawlor

12x24"  Signed & Numbered

"The Yearling" by Norm Clasen


21.5x14" - 40x26"  Signed & Numbered

$200.00 - $900.00
"Twilight" by Norm Clasen


15x28" -38x70"  Signed & Numbered

$350.00 - $1,550.00
"Welcoming Sunrise" by CL (Claire)Goldrick

16x24" Signed & Numbered

"White Socks" by Norm Clasen


15.5x23" - 34x50"  Signed & Numbered

$325.00 - $1,075.00
"Wind In My Reins" by Shannon Lawlor

18x24"  Ltd Giclee On Paper