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FAQ’s & Art Terms Glossary

What is a limited-edition print?   A reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist. The total number of prints is fixed or limited by the artist or the publisher.

What does signed and numbered mean?  Limited-edition prints that have been signed and sequentially numbered by the artist.  The artist’s signature is usually found in one of the lower corners of the print and is accompanied by a number that looks like a fraction; the top number indicates the number of the print and the bottom number indicates the total number of prints in the edition e.g. 256/750.

What is an open-edition print?  A reproduction of an original work of art that is sometimes signed by the artist.  The number of prints published is not predetermined.  Can range from a few hundred to thousands of copies. Signed Open Editions and Posters can be reprinted over and over

What is an artist proof?   Before the advent of modern technology, the artist would pull every tenth print from the press during printing and examine it personally for quality control. Since these prints had been handled by the artist and personally approved, they were called Artist's Proof prints. This quality control method is no longer necessary. The tradition of numbering 10 percent of the edition as Artist's Proofs (AP) continues, because of consumer demand. There is no physical difference between the Artist Proofs and the Limited Edition, they are just numbered differently, They are considered more collectable and are valued higher both initially and later on.


What is a Remarque?  A remarque is a small original piece of art, done by the artist, in the margin of the print.  A remarque adds value to your print because it is a one-of-a-kind original by the artist.

What is Giclee?  Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.

What are canvas transfers?  The canvas transfer process is a two step process. It starts with printing a lithograph.  The printed image is actually transferred to a stretched canvas by a process that floats the image from the original paper and applies it to a specially prepared canvas. Canvas transfers are done on archival canvas and are UV protected.  They arrive pre- stretched on stretcher bars or rolled in a tube and are ready for framing. They are easily cleaned and are framed as an oil painting and are not required to be under glass.

What is a secondary market print?  Secondary market prints are  prints that have been sold out by the publisher. The reported price for a sold-out limited edition is set by supply and demand. Unlike retail prices, secondary market prices can vary from one source to another.


What is a Masterwork Canvas?  A large format Fine Art Edition where either the width or height exceeds 40 inches.


What is a Museum Edition Canvas?  An extra-large format Fine Art Edition where either the width or height exceedes 60 inches.


What is a SmallWorks Canvas?  A Fine Art Edition with an image area of 144 square inches or less.